Nothing is impossible, it might just be hard to solve. Autodidact technical creative geek, with a passion for doing the right thing. Director of Engineering @ proxy.com

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I am currently around 59°24'22.4"N 18°19'25.3"E. You can reach me at henrik@henrik.se.

Currently I work at @proxy.

I am also a Technical startup advisor with a passion for doing the right thing.

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About the site

I bought hussfelt.net for my personal interest in my surename somewhere back in the early 2000. First instance of a website was in the early 2002 - a snapshot from 2003 can be found at the wayback machine. During 2004 I lost the domain in a snapback to some guy in Kenya. I still wonder if he really thought he'd get some money for it! :-) Got the domain back a few years later, and hosted a site in the end of 2008. Ran the blogging-platform syte for a while. Now ended up with Jekyll, hosted on Github!

Some fun facts about the site include:

For comments or questions, feel free to ask me on Twitter or shoot me an email at henrik at henrik dot se.